Hey Girl Hey


I’m Britt… I’m the girl behind Cheeky Intuition.

I am a 26-year-old wifey to my husband Andrew and dog mom to our Malshi Izzy.

I am all about living my BEST life through wellness in mind, body and spirit and helping others do the same. I love travelling, eating, yoga, wearing clothes, drinking wine… am I getting your attention yet?

I started this blog as a way to share the things I love that have helped me on my journey to becoming my best self (so far). My hope is that my experiences can help inspire others to step into their power and improve their life as well.

So, what is Cheeky Intuition? We all have it… it’s that voice inside your head… the one that ruthlessly knows the answer, knows which path to follow. She’s the unfiltered, braver, best version of yourself. Well it’s time to stop ignoring her, it’s time to let her out.

So, let’s break it down even further shall we…

This blog is for you if: you are trying to be the best version of yourself, if you think of yourself as a free spirit, if you view other people as friends NOT competition, if you’ve ever thought to yourself ‘there has got to be more to life’, if you like to beat to the sound of your own drum and if you have a wide-open mind.

This blog is not for you if: you’ve ever thought to yourself “get your own style” when someone asks where your top is from, if you hate realness and authenticity, if what you’re looking for is a makeup tutorial, if you were reading this bio and judging it the whole dang time.

No hard feelings, it’s just better we figure this out now.

So, if it’s not for you I wish you nothing but love and light on your journey.

If you are here to stay then welcome new internet bestie! We are in this thing together, let’s do this!