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Morning Routine For A High Vibe Day

Your morning sets the tone for your whole day. Nothing great can come from waking up and rushing out the door without allowing yourself time to establish your mindset. Start your morning on a high note and allow that momentum to carry you throughout the day.

Here are a few of the simple but effective non-negotiable things I do to prepare me for a high vibrational day:

Morning Routine For A

Warm Water With Lemon

I prepare it the night before in my 1L hydro flask. The water stays warm in the hydro flask and it gives the water time to really take on the lemon… also saves me time in the morning which for me is important (an extra 3 minutes of sleep is an extra sleep minutes ya know?) Starting the day with this is great for the digestion and also detoxifying for your liver. It gives your body time to wake up and prepare for all of the coffee, food, etc that it will take on through the day.

Visualization meditation (5-15 minutes)

Get into a comfy position, put on 528 hz music, and set a timer for your desired meditation length. Breathe deeply while you visualize how you would like your day to go or you can visualize receiving your larger “big picture” manifestations over the long term. Actually embody the emotions in your heart that you would feel if these visualization were the real deal.

Breath Work (1-3 minutes)

There are so many different techniques for this but I like to keep it simple in the morning. Clench your hands into a fist at your shoulders. On the inhale push the fists up like your punching the ceiling and on the exhale, bring them back down to shoulder height. Make sure your breathing is through the nose and repeat this rapidly for 1-3 minutes. This is a kundalini technique used by Tony Robbins that will wake up your nervous system, get your energy field lit up, and have your body buzzing.

Gratitude Journal

I just use a blank journal for this. Write the date and “today I am grateful for…” then list 5 things big or small that you are grateful for. Once you have listed 5 things go down the list and for each thing genuinely feel into your heart how grateful you are. Gratitude is known to increase happiness, reduce stress, and boost confidence. It’s also an important part of the manifestation process.


I have various mantras written on cue cards and posted on my mirrors and walls. I also have a list of my favourite mantras written in a note on my phone. Every morning I either set a time for 1 minute and repeat whatever mantra I need most that day, or I will go through and say each of them one time. There are mantras for prosperity, anxiety, career, abundance, confidence, etc.

Stretch (10 minutes)

I do basic yoga stretches every morning to stretch the things that can get all screwed up during sleep. You can find a bunch of morning yoga sequences on youtube just like this one here. It doesn’t have to be major just get your blood flowing and wake up your joints and muscles so you can feel good throughout the day.

Read (10 minutes)

I’m a huge consumer of self-growth books and the more I can consume the better. For this reason I like to squeeze in ten minutes of reading every morning. Whatever you read make sure its something that lights you up. If romance novels are your jam read that, if the sports highlights are your jam read that… if its blog posts (hint, hint) then read that… the point is for ten minutes consume knowledge and inspiration.

Bonus: If You Commute To Work

If you are a commuter like me – congratulations, you have been given the gift of time. I use my 40 minute commute to practice mindfulness, listen to podcasts, and when necessary give myself a pep talk. If you are someone who is always rushing out the door use your commute to the fullest. If necessary some of this list can be done in the car… for example; stating your gratitude out loud instead of writing it, saying mantras, listening to a podcast or audio book (instead of reading), drinking warm lemon water. The point is there is literally no excuse to not be working on your mindset and setting your vibration high for the day.

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