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Reduce Stress, Gain Focus & Simplify your Life

How to Simplify your Life, Reduce Stress, & Gain Focus-4

Ever wish you could get more fit, start a business, try a passion project, join a club, etc. but simply have ‘no time’ (insert eye roll emoji here). We have the same 24 hours in a day as Beyoncé. It’s what we choose to do with our time, what we prioritize as important that counts. Even the smallest things such as checking your Instagram notifications can add up and consume a huge chunks of your days attention.

Most of what I’m going to say is in the effort to reduce ‘mental clutter’. Mental clutter is single handedly  responsible for making us feel overwhelmed, stressed, and out of control. With free mental space comes peace, creativity, and abundance!


  • Always cook more than you’ll eat: that way you have lunch for the next day which ultimately saves you time and money. I literally never wonder what I’m bringing to work for lunch… I just pack up my leftover dinner and boom.
  • Automate savings and bills: have these things come directly out of your bank account so you never miss a payment and have one last thing to worry about. Also, automating savings sends the message to the universe and your subconscious mind that building your wealth is non-negotiable.. even if its $5 a week.
  • Pre-plan: take some time every Sunday to preplan the week ahead. Plan your meals, your outfits, your daily to-do’s. I’m working on building an online business so Sundays for me are a sacred time to pre-plan my content for social media posts and stories for the week. This means I’m not scrambling every day to figure it out.


  • Eliminate physical points cards: I use to be one of those people whose wallet was filled with a points card for basically every store I’ve ever entered. WELL there is this magical app called ‘Stocard’ where you can enter your cards. When you’re at the store you simply give them the app to scan. No more plastic cards!
  • Clean out your purse and wallet: while you’re at it, clean out your purse and wallet of ALL random papers, receipts, garbage that create chaos and clutter. No one wants to be scrambling looking for their chapstick, debit card, etc. Keep it simple. A junkie wallet says to the universe “there is no room for abundance in here”.
  • Keep your car tidy: again I’m a poster child for a dirty car. What I’ve noticed is when I take the time to remove the garbage, extra clothing/ shoes, etc. everyday I feel more zen and on top of my game. It’s the same vibe you get when you make your bed in the morning.
  • Unsubscribe to email lists: okay, okay I’m super guilty of having an out of control inbox… like 2,400 unread emails… until recently. I discovered a website called Unroll.me all you do is make an account then go into your email and literally drag and drop any emails from stores and businesses you want to unsubscribe to.
  • Watch less TV: biggest distraction… ever get sucked into a show on Netflix for several hours then complain you have ‘no time’ to complete x, y, and z. Yep, me too. Set limits for yourself, make a rule that the TV only comes on after a certain time every night. Sounds obvious but needed to be mentioned.
  • Declutter your space: blah, blah you’ve heard this 100 times but seriously a minimalists approach to home decor is everything. Physical clutter breads mental clutter, anxiety, and overwhelm. If an item doesn’t serve a purpose or bring you immense joy… DITCH IT!


  • Turn off push notifications: go into ALL your apps, chats, emails, etc. and turn OFF notifications. Pick a couple times a day that you sit down and check on everything. The world won’t end I promise.
  • Set reminders: Crazy enough, many people don’t do this. You can use your phone to remind you about all sorts of things. This makes managing my life so much easier because I don’t have to worry about forgetting stuff. It allows me to be in a much more relaxed space. I create reminders for things such as:
    • Business tasks and to-do lists
    • Paying bills that I don’t want to automate
    • Massage, hair, dog grooming, etc.
    • Events, gatherings, even simple hangouts with friends
  • Say ‘no’ more often: this is something I’m still working on. I’m a recovering people pleaser. It’s important to learn that the more we say no to things that don’t light us up the more we allow space, and energy for the right things to flow into our lives. Think about a few things you have said yes to in the recent past, and ask yourself these questions: Did that bring me joy? Did the benefit of the task outweigh the stress is caused? Was I able to make a meaningful difference for myself or someone else? Don’t just say yes because you don’t want to let people down… If someone truly cares about you they will be respectful of your boundaries.

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