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5 Crystals for Every Household

5 Crystals for every household

You guys know I’m a total crystal junkie. Whether you are a believer or not who cares, crystals look SO CUTE on your shelves, desk, fireplace mantel, etc. So even if you don’t think they are helping with the ‘vibe’ of your home it doesn’t hurt to buy them anyway. BUT I’m guessing if you are reading this you acknowledge the power of crystals!

There are so many to choose from that it can be daunting to decide which ones to purchase. Just as we want to keep our own vibrations high by reducing stress and negative thought patterns it’s important for us to keep the vibrations of our homes high! A happy and healthy environment contributes massively to our own happiness and health. Create a sanctuary within your home with these 5 crystals:


  • Balances highs and lows of emotions – how perfect for your home which is normally the setting for all your emotional breakdowns… AMIRIGHT?
  • Protects against rage, anxiety, and fear.
  • Holds a strong cleansing power
  • Helps with decision making
  • Helps with reoccurring nightmares
  • Location: Keep it on your nightstand in your bedroom, your desk, and in a common area like the living room or entrance way to your home.


  • Known as the happy stone
  • Helps you to manifest and achieve the things you want
  • Attracts abundance and success
  • Expand your imagination and unlock your potential
  • Location: Keep it in your office.

Black Tourmaline

  • A MUST if you own electronics (aka everyone)! It protects against the electromagnetics that electronics send out into our environment.
  • Cleanses and protects against any low vibes that may enter your home
  • Clears energy blockages
  • Extremely grounding stone – helps with tension and anxiety
  • Location: Keep it near electronics, in your bedroom and at your front door.


  • A very calming stone perfect for creating a feeling of Zen in your home
  • Helps with communication and stabilizing relationships
  • Helps enhance motivation and creativity
  • Aids in self-awareness and meditation
  • Location: Keep it in your office, living room and bathroom.


  • The official crystal of money and good luck
  • Promotes confidence and a take action outlook
  • Helps to empower and energize your aura
  • Helps to stimulate positive thinking
  • Location: Keep it in your office, and in a common area.

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