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27 Things In 27 Years

Just for fun here is a list of 27 things I’ve learned in my short 27 years in this lifetime. Lessons that have shaped my mindset and the way I show up in the world. Enjoy!

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    1. Judging makes you blind
    2. True growth happens when we face our fears and step outside our comfort zone.
    3. Everything happens for a reason, trust your journey – you never know what you are being protected from or guided to when you’re in the midst of chaos.
    4. Happy wife happy life is bullshit. Happy house happy spouse is how you have a truly epic relationship.
    5. Marriage is NOT just a piece of paper. When you choose the right person, marriage makes your connection and bond deeper than you could have imagined.
    6. Meditation is a great way to get answers, soothe emotions and truly become a better you.
    7. Hydrate your body. Drink LOTS of water every day. It’s good for your organs, your skin, your lips, and your mood.
    8. Always be willing to learn. Read, listen to podcasts, sign up for classes. Be a student of the earth. Learning shouldn’t stop when school does.
    9. We are always responsible for how we choose to see things and how we choose to react to them.
    10. I create my own reality – we all do. Someone can’t ‘put you in a bad mood’ only you can do that.
    11. Life is always happening FOR us – not TO us.
    12. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize – everything, always.
    13. A good skincare routine is more important than a good makeup routine.
    14. On that note… the sun is extremely damaging to your skin and ages the hell out of you. Protect your skin from the sun and don’t use tanning beds. You’ll regret it when your 45.
    15. You are what you consistently do – it is your daily actions that
    16. Questions things, embrace change – don’t just go with the ‘norm’
    17. Be careful what you put on and in your body – it is your home and you only get one
    18. Every relationship whether its romantic, friendship or acquaintance is brought to you to help you learn a lesson and strengthen or resolve a piece of yourself.
    19. Gratitude is the gateway to more happiness and blessings
    20. You don’t need alcohol to have fun or to ‘relax’ for that matter
    21. The mass slaughter of animals for food is a strange and cruel normality
    22. Love is to people what water is to plants – give people love, and acceptance and watch them bloom.
    23. This earth is a fucking incredible and amazing creation – I want to see every bit of it.
    24. Travel isn’t about ‘escaping life’ it’s about exploring. It helps you grow mentally, and spiritually. It humbles you and connects you to mama earth.
    25. My parents were always just trying to protect me
    26. Never lose your inner child – be silly, be excited, dance, play, sing!
    27. We are all intuitive beings who have the ability to tap into an inner knowing. Magical things can happen when you learn to trust and tap into your intuition.


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