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6 Ways to Know Yourself Better: So you can thrive and love yourself more

6 Ways to Know Yourself Better

Understanding who you are and what makes you tick is essential to thriving in this world. It also creates a huge notion of love and acceptance for yourself. I’m love each of these methods and have found them all to be extremely helpful in embracing myself, finding my true passions, learning to optimize how I work, feel and function, and truly living my best life.

Astrology Birth Chart / Natal chart

A natal chart is a snapshot of the sky when you were born. More specifically it shows where each planet was in the exact minute you were born. This tells A LOT about your personality, and who you are in specific areas of life.

When most people think of astrology they think of their ‘sun sign’. The sun sign has to do with what date you were born on. When asked “what’s your sign” the sun sign is what is being referred to. For example, I was born February 28th so I am a sun sign Pisces. This means that when I was born the sun was sitting in Pisces. This however only scratches the surface of astrology.

I’ve heard people say that they don’t resonate with their sign at all and therefore astrology “must be bullshit”… The explanation for this is there is a lot more to you then just your sun sign.

Finding your Natal chart:

  • You need your date, time, and city of birth. If you don’t know your exact time of birth call the hospital you were born and ask them for it. Using an approximate time will not work.
  • Visit this site: Cafe Astrology
  • Download the Co-star app where you can get an easy to read summary of your chart, daily horoscopes and even add friends to see where you are compatible.
  • Natal charts are detailed and can seem daunting to the untrained eye. There are many professionals who do chart readings and I highly recommend getting one done if you are looking to better understand your chart.


There are many ways numerology can help us understand ourselves but the most common is through our ‘life path number’. This number reveals what are strengths, and weaknesses are. It also tells you which type of work or areas in life you may find the most fulfillment.

How to calculate your life path number:

  • Life path numbers range from 1-9
  • All you need is your date of birth
  • You always want to get down to a single digit number
  • To get your number simply add your date of birth together.
  • For example: My birthday is February 28th, 1992
    • The first step is to get each number down to a single digit through adding. So, I will take my day of birth 28 and bring it to a single digit by adding 2+8 =10. I then have to get that 10 to a single digit so I add 1+0= 1
    • The second step would be to add my year of birth to get a single digit. So, I add 1+9+9+2 = 21. Then I bring the 21 to a single digit, 2+1=3
    • February is the 2nd month of the year so my equation becomes: 2+1+3 = 6
    • My life path number is 6! 

Once you’ve calculated your number you can read about it on this website here or by simply googling “life path number ___” then entering your number. Many great resources come up and each of them can offer a unique insight.

Human design

Our human design type is the contract that our soul made before coming to earth. Discovering your type will help you to discover how to best work with your energy here on earth, how you best function and operate from day to day, how you best manifest, and what life lessons you are here to learn.

Finding your human design type:

  • You need your date, time, and city of birth. If you don’t know your exact time of birth call the hospital you were born and ask them for it. Using an approximate time will not work.
  • To pull up your chart and find out your type visit the website: My Body Graph.
  • Visit Jenna Zoe’s website for more information about your specific type, resources, and videos. She has also been on many podcasts where she dives deep on explaining human design. Her website contains a full list of where you can find those podcasts.

Ayurveda Dosha’s

Ayurveda is a medical practice that combines spirituality, psychology, philosophy and science. In Ayurveda, there are three mind-body types called Dosha’s. Everyone is a varying amount of each dosha but has one dominate type. Discovering what your primary Dosha type is (vata, pitta, or kapha) can help to explain a lot about yourself and your environment. It can tell you what foods are best for you, what qualities you possess, what your optimal daily routine should be, what your most productive time of the day is, and so much more.

Finding your Dosha type:

Love Language

Everyone receives love differently. Understanding how you receive love is important because it can help you to understand your emotions within your relationships both with others and with yourself. It helps you to understand what means the most to you but also what may cause you to feel hurt or unloved.

Finding your love language:

  • Visit the website 5 Love Languages and take the quiz – its shorts and sweet!
  • Read The 5 Love Lanuages which will tell you all about each love language and how to fulfill them.

Meditate and Journal

There is no method to this one… just good old fashioned silence and writing. Tuning into yourself and reflecting on a deeper level. Meditation is one of the fastest ways I’ve found to drown out the external noise of the world and get answers from within myself on what I want and what direction I should pursue next. Meditating reduces stress which ultimately allows us to make better decisions and become more confident in those decisions.

Journaling in ‘free writing’ form is powerful because it allows us to write from our subconscious. When you write down your feelings and thoughts without judgement or expectation it is amazing what comes to the surface. You can also use writing prompts to get you started if you feel stuck and can’t get out of your head.

Here are a few journal prompts I find helpful:

  • How am I feeling right now? Why?
  • When do I feel the most successful?
  • When do I feel the most loved and accepted?
  • Who did I feel like I needed to be for my parents as a child? Did I have to act or be a certain way?
  • What am I most afraid of? Why?
  • What kind of person do I want to be?
  • If money and fear were no object what would I do with my life?

I personally feel that to thrive and be confident we need to know ourselves and understand what makes us tick. The journey of self-discovery and awareness is one that every person should take.

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