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Complete Guide to Setting New Year Intentions

New Year Intention Setting

I hate the word resolution. I don’t think we should “resolve” to do anything. The word carries too much baggage from years of broken resolutions across the globe. Instead we should turn inward and self reflect on which areas of our lives we would like to truly excel at in this coming year.

It’s a common practice to create a list of well meaning to-do’s disguised as resolutions that will end up getting tucked away and forgotten by February. This past year has been one of immense growth and change for me and the things I’ve done this year were never on my resolution list. Things like cultivating a plant based diet, giving up alcohol, diving deep into meditation and spiritual practices… i didn’t resolve to do any of these things. Instead I set the intention of becoming a happier and healthier me… the details were what naturally followed.

Mindfully Create Your Intentions

First of all, you want to create intentions with soul. Its important to let your soul lead the way, not your head. Listen to your intuition.

  • Go to a quiet space in your home where you can sit and create your intentions.
  • Set the mood by lighting candles, turning on your essential oil diffuser, etc.
  • Get comfy! Sit on a pillow, cover yourself with a blanket, whatever it takes to create a warm and joyful space.
  • Meditate for 5-10 minutes while listening to binural beats like this one which can help to take your mind from its conscious thinking state to a more calm, unconscious state.
  • Relax and breath deeply.
  • When your meditation is complete you will be in a better headspace to write down intentions with soul. Think about what you want your life to look like and what feelings you want to experience daily. Do you want more joy? more laughter? more accomplished? Make a short list of what feelings your highest vision for your life invoke.
  • Once you’ve established the emotional side of it think of the areas of your life you want to improve upon. I would list a maximum of 3. For example the areas could include physical health, career, mental/emotional health, relationship, etc.
  • Now list 1-2 intentions under each life area. For example, under physical health you could write: learn more about clean eating, and reduce my sugar intake.
  • Next, you want to create a short but meaningful mantra for each life area. For example, for the mental health life area your mantra might be “I am releasing thoughts, beliefs, patterns and situations that no longer serve myself, my health and my thriving.”. Mantras can be found online or you can write it yourself. Either way its important that it motivates and inspires you, that you read it and think “AMEN!”
  • Hang this list some place you will see it everyday AND copy the list into a note on your phone.
  • Write out the mantras you created on cue cards and tape them up where you will see them every single morning.
  • Each morning say these mantras out loud or to yourself as a consistent reminder of your bad-assery. This will keep them front of mind and you will begin to identify with this higher vision for your life.

Find Your Why

You don’t want your goal to be just another thing on your to-do list that makes you roll your eyes and drag your feet.

Sometimes we get influenced by what we see other people doing and suddenly we want to do it all. You see it on Instagram, here it on a podcast and suddenly you’ve got a whole page of things you feel you need to do, learn and achieve. This is why it is essential that you figure out your WHY.

Your intentions should motivate and excite you. If you don’t get deeply excited by not only the result that may come from the intention but the process as well then ask yourself, why? Are these intentions truly what you want? Or is there any external factor driving you to believe this is what you SHOULD want.

Let me explain, when I started getting deep into the wellness and spiritual world every new thing I heard about I instantly wanted to learn more and become a master of. This thing I loved.. the wellness world… started to feel like a chore because of all the noise. Each new trend, book, tea, healthy food, healing modality, etc. I finally had to ask myself which areas were truly important to me on a soul level and focus on that. Not everything is going to be for you and that’s okay. Listen to your intuition, your gut feeling and follow that!

The Do’s and Don’ts 

Here is a short but crucial list of things to avoid doing when setting intentions:

  • Don’t treat the new year like a time to re-evacuate every area of your life. You can’t conquer the whole world at once. Start small, and build momentum. Once you see yourself living out the few intentions you set you will feel inspired and motivated to create and achieve more.
  • Don’t go to big with your intentions either. Its better to say “I will start going to the gym once a week” then “I will go to the gym 7 days a week”. Start small and build!
  • Don’t let minor set backs bring you down. You can stick to your intention for a whole month then have a bad week – that does not erase all the awesome that was achieved for the month. Go easy on yourself.
  • Don’t expect instant results either. You may not get the result you want after a month but imagine where you could be a year from now.

Things you definitely SHOULD do with regards to your intentions:

  • Review them regularly throughout the year. Maybe something you wanted in January you realize is no longer important to you come June. Life changes and evolves and you need to be able to change with it. Don’t have a kung fu grip on goals that no longer hold a meaning to you.
  • Read your list out to someone close to you so that they can help to keep you accountable, support you and even discuss your intentions throughout the year.
  • Visualize your intentions coming to life. Imagine how it will feel when you are truly living out your intentions and reaping the benefits of your hard work. Let these emotions drive you!

Bring Your Intentions To Life

The environment you create around your intentions is extremely important. Set yourself up for success by implementing things that will help you. For example, if the area i want to improve upon is my mental health and I set the intention of meditating every day I could set myself up for success by downloading a meditation app, and creating a meditation corner in my house. If my intention was to go to the gym twice a week I could set myself up for success by putting together a gym bag and keeping it in my car, and joining or even creating an accountability group on Facebook.

Most people try to rely on their willpower to magically makes their goals a reality.. but the reality is that willpower is something most people lack. It’s hard to make life changes on willpower alone and force yourself to do something that goes against all your conditioning and comfort. Don’t leave yourself room to mentally waiver, if you do you are already deciding you won’t succeed.

The Cherry On Top

If you want to take it one step further here are a few things you can do to up the ante:

  • Fill out a goals sheet: download the goal sheet I’ve created here Fill it out for each of the three life areas you’d like to focus on.
  • Create a vision board: some people are visual and i’m one of them. I love making vision boards that contain photos of my wildest dreams for the year. My intentions and everything that could snowball from them if I truly dedicate to them. Vision boards are also a powerful manifestation tool, for more information on manifestation using the law of attraction read this post and this post.
  • Create a word of the year: select one word that you would like to describe your 2019 year. A word that sums up your intentions or how you want to feel. Write this word down in a creative way and tape it to your mirror, make it your new computer password, change your morning alarm title to it in your phone. This will remind you in conscious and subconscious ways what you are truly trying to embody. My 2019 word is ELEVATE.
  • Set monthly intentions: Create smaller monthly intentions. A great way to stay on track, but also develop and add onto your 2019 goals is to create monthly mini intentions. I would even suggest doing this in a visually creative way. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen me post pictures of my monthly intentions. Its fun and keeps you accountable.

Badda-boom, Badda-bing! Trust that 2019 will be a year full of blessings, joy and true transformation. Let this year be the gateway to the life of your dreams. Follow your intuition, and remember you are a bad-ass!

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3 thoughts on “Complete Guide to Setting New Year Intentions”

  1. Fantastic post, Britt! Love your vibes and knowledge. My mantra for 2019 is “Choose Joy” and my wife’s is “I Am Enough.” We’re almost done with our post about our intentions and how we don’t do resolutions anymore. 2018 was good, but 2019 WILL be better!

    Thanks for the awesome post, as per usual! Happy New Year!
    Xo, Alissa @ PositiviTEA


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