Gift Guide for the Wellness Junkie

Gift Guide-3

      1. iHome Zenergy Meditative Light and Sound Therapy Candle
        SO much more than just a “candle” if you can even call it that. This little gem has 8 meditative sounds including a breathing exercise, 4 light settings, and a programmable timer for sleep, meditation or use it for time blocking like a boss babe.
      1. Jade Roller
        I LOVE my Jade Roller.. read this post to find out why. Basically my go-to morning de-puffing god sent!
      1. Himalayan Salt Lamp
        So many health benefits such as air purifying, reducing electromagnetic radiation, and helps you sleep… but it also makes a great home decor piece!
      1. BKR re-usable bottle
        Adorable glass water bottle and it comes in a 1L and 2L size so your little wellness junkie can make sure they always drink enough water!
      1. Spiritual Gangster sweater
        Because every spirit junkie loves spiritual gangster. I love this brand and they have SO many cute options for the yogi in your life.
      1. Auria Crystal Candle
        Soy based, and has crystals in it… double goodness!
      1. Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water Hydrating Mist
        Tones, hydrates and softens skin all while smelling amazing and being all natural. Clean beauty is a YES!
      1. Five Minute Journal
        Quick and simple to use journal that helps you to manifest, stay in alignment and reflect every single day. It’s a game changer!
      1. Zodiac Mug
        One side has the astrological sign and the other side sums up the sign in three words. Mine was so accurate I had to buy it!
      1. Meditation pillow
        I personally can never get comfy meditating without my meditation pillow… every meditator would love this gift.
      1. Palo Santo
        Perfect for the meditation queen in your life! Light it up to cleanse a space or object and bring in the positive vibes. A nice alternative for anyone who doesn’t like the thick air and smell of sage.
      1. Saje Diffuser 
        I could go on and on about why everyone needs one. You can perk yourself up, calm yourself down, and completely set the mood by putting oils in a diffuser. I love the Saje diffusers specifically because they are high quality and if it breaks they replace it no questions asked.
      1. Saje Relaxation Diffuser Blend Collection 
        Comes with four different oils all perfect for the wellness junkie looking to chill the fuck out!
      1. Slip Silk Pillowcase 
        Best kept beauty secret! Instead of traditional pillowcases that contain microfibres that are damaging to skin and hair. The slip silk case absorbs less of your face cream, is anti-aging AND you’ll feel luxurious sleeping on it.
      1. Yoga Mat
        Any patterned yoga mat has my heart, just saying.
      1. Crystal Muse book
        This book is the complete beginners guide to crystals and rituals, including moon rituals.

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