Three Mindset Shifts That Changed My Life

3 Mindset Shifts that Changed my Life.png

I am entirely up to me

I can’t control other people, I can only control myself. How I choose to react and respond to the world around me is entirely up to me. I set my vibration, I decide my mood. It’s up to me to feed my positive emotions and not to feed my negative ones. It’s up to me to let a bad situation last 5 minutes or 5 days. We attract what we put out and we get to create the world around us by choosing to show up in a positive way.

The moment I fully understood and embraced this I began to live with a lot more ease and a lot less stress. I stopped blaming other people and situations for my short comings and bad moods. I decided that I was the narrator, the writer, and the editor of my life. I made the choice everyday to tune into myself and do the things required for me to let my emotions be my compass, not the driving force. Yes, there might be things that occur that you can’t control but when I fully committed I became less impacted by the sometimes negative people and situations around me.

Gratitude is a magnet for miracles

If you aren’t grateful for what you already have – you won’t be grateful or happier when you receive the trip, the job, the house… whatever it is you are wishing and working for. It’s that simple. When we make gratitude our default it begins to eliminate toxic habits and emotions such as: jealousy, comparing ourselves to others, stress, anxiety and frustration.

Gratitude is a necessity. It is scientifically proven to increase happiness. I’m sure you’re thinking “I’m already happy” and so was I, but Im talking about extreme and consistent happiness. I’m talking about being content, peaceful and happier then you knew was possible. When I started keeping a gratitude journal and listing things I was grateful for everyday I began to attract more of these great things into my life.  I literally began to witness as things just naturally worked out for me. I began living in the flow. This is because when you are grateful, and you eliminate toxic emotions from your life you become like a magnet for similar vibes. When you are grateful for what you already have you become a magnet for more.

Enjoy the process

Most people become so obsessed with the destination of their goal but dread the execution and process of getting there. I use to struggle a lot with this. I was so up in the clouds day dreaming about what it would be like to reach my goal and didn’t know how to ground myself enough to focus and get stuff done. This obsession with the future just made it more and more difficult to enjoy the present.

What I realized is that practicing mindfulness goes hand in hand with our goals. The future doesn’t exist. We have to create it and that happens in this present moment. This moment is the only one we have, and we need to focus on the here and now. The truth is if you aren’t enjoying the process behind the goal then you may never actually complete the work required to reach that destination.

When I finally learned to have fun and enjoy the process as much as I would the goal I began to work harder, and create more quality work than I previously would have.  The destination is wonderful but it is also a distraction from the awesomeness of the now. Keeping my mind on the present moment allows me to be more in tune with my creativity and have more mental clarity. Our lives are a constant process, a constant work in progress. Once we hit one goal we move onto the next, then the next. There is always some new ladder to climb, new chapter to embark on. So when we don’t enjoy the process we rob ourselves of truly enjoying our lives.


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