How To Let Go and Get Un-Stuck: Stepping back to spring forward


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Sometimes letting go is an act of far greater power than holding on.

This blog post is inspired by our recent decision to move in with my parents and have me working only on a part-time basis. These are big changes and many people have asked how we got up the nerve. I wanted to elaborate on my thoughts around these types of life shifts and why it was ultimately easy for us to take a step back.

Acknowledge that it’s time to level up

In life, we are faced with many crossroads. At such forks in the road we can either stay the course, and keep on the tried and trusted path OR we can go down a new road. The latter is often the less popular choice because it is uncertain and unfamiliar and therefore uncomfortable.

We stay on the “safe” path, which could be an unfulfilling job or a toxic and draining relationship. We do this because at the time it feels easy, and it feels like our only option. What hindsight teaches you is that this isn’t the easy choice, its actually difficult and robs you of your true essence. Your stubbornness to hold on robs you of an entire life. A life you’ll never know unless you take that chance.

It can be difficult but when we tune into what we really want out of this life and we decide to release the things that don’t coincide with that vision we make mega space for new blessings to arrive. When we cut the chords of what we don’t want we are sending a signal out into the universe that we are ready to level up. Since Andrew and I have been living at my parents we have received an unexpected $500, Andrew got a new job earning a lot more money, and we purchased a new car — if that isn’t an example of creating space for abundance to flow in then I don’t know what is!

So acknowledge how you are feeling – drained, uninspired, like you are on a hamster wheel. Once you have acknowledged the presence of these feelings you need to get crystal clear on what you want your life to look like instead. Decide that your current status qua is unacceptable and that you are ready to level up.

Listen to your intuition

Usually you already know the answer… correction, you always know what the answer is. It’s the thing that excites us, lights us up and just feels right. Its usually the very first thought or idea that comes into your mind – this is your intuition. The chatter that flows in afterwards is your ego. The egos job is to protect you from your subconscious fears – the ego is not there to help you spring forward.

Ask yourself the question: “what should I do in ________ situation?” and listen to what your intuition tells you. When you learn to tune into that very first thought that’s when you can begin to make changes with more certainty and confidence. You won’t even need to ponder it, the answer will be right there… and its not always the answer you’re looking for. In fact if you find yourself ‘not knowing’ the answer its usually because you don’t want to know it …because you’re scared. One you’ve faced the answer, own it!

Follow the signals

When you’ve half way made a decision… when you’ve internally acknowledged what you need to do without actually committing to doing it there will be signs. Things may begin to happen that push you in that direction.. it’s the universes way of letting you know you’re on the right track. Pay attention to these signs, they are there for reassurance.

For example, when we were in talks of moving out of our house and into my parents suddenly things started to go wrong at the house. Funny and strange things started happening: a car we had never seen before started continuously parking in my spot in the parking lot leaving me with nowhere to park my car, my key literally started getting jammed in the door, and my parents begun to tell us we should move in to save money (without knowing at all that we were already thinking about it). Crazy, right?

The universe is always speaking to us. Sending us messages, signals, and serendipities. When you decide to pay attention you will be blown away at the guidance you receive. It could be something as small as seeing 11:11 when you are talking about the change you are thinking of making, or something as big as your house key literally not working anymore when your thinking of moving out. Slow down, be present and pay attention.

Release control

We tend to keep a kung fu grip on our familiar routines, and relationships even though they take up space in our life, minds, emotions and ultimately drain us. All of this cluttered energetic space means that there is little or no room for new opportunities to arise in our lives. The reason we continue to hold on is because it gives us the illusion that we are in control.

Making the choice to release something usually looks like a massive step backwards. For example, moving in with my parents and going part-time at work. This looks and feels like huge dinosaur steps in the wrong direction. The truth is we were living in a house that we loved but that wasn’t in alignment with what we desire for our future. We were paying rent for a three-bedroom home which ultimately was preventing us from attaining our long-term goals. This house was a massive block. It took up space physically, and energetically. The bills and maintenance involved are physical examples of the space that was taken up in our minds that could be better spent on other aspects of life. Similarly my day job offers safety and security but does not align with my souls purpose. it offers a paycheque however not the long term fulfillment I am after. It left me feeling drained and uninspired most days and these were signals to me that I needed to cut back on my time there.

Initially we went through all the usual thoughts… “what will people think?”, “what if we hate living there?” “what if I can’t build my dream and I went part-time for nothing?”… but then there was the greater question “what if we stay in fear of change and wind up with unfilled goals and dreams?” Whoa. Yep… that’s when it hit us. We could stay there, essentially stuck. asking the universe for our manifestations. OR we could use the law of action. Thing is you can hope, dream, visualize, and try to manifest all you want but if you stay in the same place and don’t take action then there isn’t much the universe can do for you.

As humans, it is in our nature to want to control things. Its normal for us to want to have a ‘plan’ and try to control as much of our lives and the outcomes of our decisions as possible. We all do it! But the real magic in life is learning to release that control… because the truth is there is a greater plan at work that is even better than one you could imagine for yourself. If we are so busy trying to manipulate and control our plan we become blocks in our own lives. The universe does not align with a controlling nature.

Yes, its scary to step into the unknown but we must learn to enjoy what we don’t know with wonderment rather than fearing it. The unknown is fun and full of possibility. The unknown is where your wildest dreams live.

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