How to Reduce your Exposure to Chemicals and Live a Less Toxic Life

Call me crazy but I just don’t think that body wash and car engine cleaner should share the same ingredient. Hide your kids, hide your wife because toxins are everywhere!! Lucky for us these days there is a natural, chemical-free version of nearly every product we use… so there is really no excuse to keep the blinders on people. Reducing the toxins in your life is an important part of the wellness journey. Whether it’s your toxic frenemy or your toxic shampoo… it’s got to go girl!! I know making the switch can seem overwhelming but the trick is to start small. It is a process and won’t happen overnight but small changes add up over time. Here are a few simple and practical ways you can reduce toxins and get some peace of mind today:

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Switch to all natural deodorant

Anything you put directly on your skin is a product you want to pay attention to… skin is your biggest organ after all. Deodorant sits on your armpits all day, every day and gets absorbed into your blood stream. Among other harsh ingredients, one of the biggest in deodorant to avoid is aluminum. I’ve tried 6 different all-natural deodorants to date and my favourite by far is the crystal fresh deodorant spray from Saje.

Avoid artificially scented candles

It’s important to avoid using paraffin and artificially scented candles because they emit chemicals that have long term effects on our brain, lungs, central nervous system and they cause air pollution in the home. If you are looking for something that smells delicious than invest in an essential oil diffuser and purchase pure essential oils. If you want candles to set the mood than use soy candles instead.

Cleaning products

Anything that has a poison symbol on it, in my opinion, has no place cleaning your everyday surfaces and utensils. The chemicals in these products are so strong that just having them sit passively on your shelf can be detrimental to your health over time. They contain compounds that can be toxic to our skin, lungs, liver, brains, and our environment. Some brands that have made waves in their all natural cleaning strategy are The Honest Company and Norwex. Another alternative is using pure lemon oil. Lemon oil is perfect for cleaning wood, stainless steel, the shower, and glass.

Filter your water

It is said that 83% of water contains plastic fibers! Literally little pieces of plastic, not to mention fluoride, lead and any chemical residue and bacteria that may be lining your pipes… yuck! Filter your water using a reliable water filter. My favourite is the Aqua Gear filter. It removes 2,000% more contaminants than the leading brand name filter, and believe me you can really taste the difference!

Clean the air in your home

Air pollution exists even in your home and is caused by everyday products, lack of ventilation, and humidity. Poor air quality is responsible for allergies, asthma, fatigue, headaches, brain fog and long term issues such as respiratory disease and the big C. Fill your home with air cleaning plants such as a snake plant, spider plant, or a fern… to name a few. In addition to having lots of plant babies you may also want to purchase a Himalayan salt lamp. In case you’ve been living under a rock Himalayan salt lamps are gorgeous chunks of salt mined along the Himalaya’s primarily in Pakistan. They have a long list of benefits with the most important being air purification.

Be mindful of the ‘dirty dozen’

The dirty dozen is a list of 12 fruits and vegetables that are known to contain the most pesticide residue. When it comes to these you may want to splurge for organic. If that’s not in the budget than its important to make sure you clean them as best you can, you may even want to invest in a soft bristle brush for fruit and veggies with a hard exterior.
The 2018 dirty dozen list:
Sweet bell peppers

Read labels

Make sure to read the label of anything that you are breathing, eating or putting on your skin. I feel like I can’t turn over a label these days without seeing a daunting list of chemicals. As a rule of thumb the less ingredients a product has the better. If you don’t know what an ingredient is chances are it’s not good for you. Make label reading easier by downloading the Think Dirty App. This app allows you to scan the bar-code of a product and it will instantly tell you how clean or dirty the product is.

I’d also like to add that you should beware of even the products that claim to be ‘all natural’ or have natural in the name. Sadly, this is not a tightly regulated term and companies can get away with using the all-natural advertising even when they are far from it. Google is your friend – don’t know what an ingredient is… google it!

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