What is My Vibration and How Do I Raise it?


This is a post I’ve been so excited to write. I use the term ‘high-vibe’ all the time and some people look at me like i have five heads. So lets chat:

The word ‘vibe’ has really had its moment to shine in recent years. Appearing in rap songs, on pillow cases, mugs, and inspirational quotes all over social media. But how many people actually know the deeper meaning behind what a ‘vibe’ is? More importantly, how many people know the importance of caring for their own vibration? Vibe is so much more than just a pop-culture slang word (that them darn kids say these days *grandma voice*). So let’s get clear on what it is so you can start living a high-vibration life ASAP.

What even is a vibration?

Everything is in constant vibration – Einstein said this… or something quite similar anyway. When discussing human vibration we are referring to our auras. Everyone has their own auric field of energy that surrounds them. Our auras contain frequencies of vibrations that can be high or low (fast or slow). We are affected by everything we encounter throughout the day such as electronics, and other people (unavoidable unless you become a hermit). Interference from other energies affects our own energy and what we carry in our auric field… it can throw us out of alignment and off our game. Have you ever entered a room and you can feel the tension or the awkwardness?… Ever have a day when you are in a bad mood for seemingly no reason at all? Perhaps you picked up some low vibrations throughout your day that are bogging you down. Although we can’t see them, we can feel our vibrations every day.

Why should I care about having a ‘high vibration’?

Your vibration fills your aura and can affect the energy of any room you enter and the people in it. You may have heard the quote “be such a good soul that people crave your vibes.” – its because your aura extends beyond you.

When you have a high-vibration your life consists of clarity, joy, peace and love. You will be aligned with your true self, be better connected to your intuition, and have the ability to utilize the law of attraction more successfully. The higher your vibration – the better you will feel not only mentally but in your physical body as well. When your vibration is low you will feel tired, a lack of energy, stressed, anxious, dull. Living in a low vibration frequency can block opportunities and people from entering your life.

14 Ways to vibrate higher today

Once you become mindful of your aura and your frequency you will become better at understanding how you can quickly raise it. Here are 14 practical things you can do every day – don’t brush any one of these off until you actually give them a try. Assuming something is not for you could potentially be robbing you of a truly cathartic experience. I suggest trying each of them one at a time taking note of which ones truly help you.

Ground Yourself
Walk through the grass or sand barefoot and allow yourself to truly ground with the earth. We spend so much time with our feet on tile, carpet or in shoes (cute ones… but still) and this prevents us from feeling the energy of the earth. Having direct and extended contact is said to have mental and physical benefits such feeling centered, improves sleep, and increase energy.

Take a salt bath
It’s no secret that I swear by a good salt bath. My husband knows if I’m having a bad day I’ll spend a good 45 minutes in there!! Grab a bath pillow, add two cups of Epsom salts and allow your negative emotions to literally melt away.

Use essential oils
There are certain scents that are proven to be mood enhancers. A few of my number one picks are: wild orange, peppermint, and frankinscense. Put a few drops into an oil diffuser or rub them on your wrists. There are even oil blends that have been specially crafted to bring about happiness and relaxation. My favourite place to purchase these oils are Saje and DoTerra.

You should probably just start your day with this every morning. Put on your fav song and dance around your house – dance dynamically, wildly and like no one is watching (which hopefully no one will be) … it’s nearly impossible to be in a bad mood after you dance!

Listen to 432hz
You can type 432hz into YouTube and a million options will come up – here is one of my favourites. This music will noticeably relax and lighten you within minutes. Why? because it is music tuned to a HIGH vibrational frequency. This frequency of music was used centuries ago and helps to open your heart and activate the right side of the brain.

Eat high-vibe foods
Believe it or not there is food that is proven to be more high vibrational than others. Incorporate these foods into your day-to-day to truly feel the benefits of their vibration. While you’re at it try to stay away from low-vibe foods as much as possible or at least avoid them when you are already feeling low.
High-vibe food: herbal tea, coconut oil, nuts and seeds, organic fruits and vegetables, spring water, legumes.
Low vibe foods: sugars, coffee, meat, GMO food, processed/frozen food, fried food.

Get creative
Remember when adult colouring books became a huge thing? It’s because the act of colouring… or focusing on a creative project… is extremely therapeutic especially when it comes to anxiety and stress. You can buy a colouring book here.

Processed with VSCO with a1 preset

Play with crystals
If you haven’t already, check out my blog post on crystals to learn all about how they can help you! Basically they contain vibrations within them that help to cleanse your energy, reduce stress, increase positivity and so so so much more.

Attend a reiki session
Reiki is a Japanese technique that is used to heal physical and mental pain, and to support mental clarity. The first time I had Reiki done I felt like I was floating on a cloud. It is a completely hands off treatment… you lay on a bed similar to a massage table and the Reiki master uses their hands (without ever touching you) to remove unwanted/ negative energy from your body. This may sounds very woo-woo but Reiki is based off of scientific principals and there are many medical professionals who are Reiki certified.

Sigh it all out
Do not underestimate the power of a good sigh. Everyone is always so hesitant when I tell them to take a deep breath in than audibly sigh it out…. “Like out loud?” they say. Hell yes out loud. The louder the better.

Reduce alcohol consumption
Alcohol is a natural depressant. I don’t care how much of a ‘happy drunk’ you are. Putting alcohol into your body slows down your vibration. This is the reason I completely gave up drinking for 7 months and now only drink on special occasions.

We all know the importance of taking time away from our cellphones and computers. For me taking a few hours, or days to disconnect means I am more focused on the present moment, and on myself and my own self-care. Unplugging also removes you from feelings of FOMO, jealousy, and comparison that may bubble up when you’re scrolling through social media.

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