Summer Dates that Won’t Break the Bank

Hey beautiful souls!
Summer is my fav time of year to do cute things with my hubby, it’s also the time of year where the great outdoors is your very cheap or free playground. So I’ve compiled a list of our fav, next to free summer dates. Enjoy!! (P.s. how many times do I say FAV… lol!!)

Summer Dates that Won't Break the Bank

Watch a sunset
Go to the nearest open field, hilltop, or body of water. Bring a blanket, two kombucha’s and a good playlist. Hello perfect setting for a make out sesh! & if you are like us you will throw in a 10 minute meditation as well!

Visit a sunflower field
End of July – August sunflowers are at their fullest bloom. Take a drive down a country road to find one or ask google to find one near you. They are SO pretty and make for the cutest photo backdrops. Also, running franticly from all the bees you hear buzzing becomes pretty entertaining as well… at least if you’re me anyways.

Go canoeing
If you live in the area our favorite place to canoe is Rockwood Conservation Area, it’s about a 40 minute drive from Kitchener. Entry into the park is $7, and a canoe rental is $20 for the whole day. There are places to stop along the water to relax or take a swim so pack a picnic! Rockwood also has pretty ruins, waterfall and kayaks…. Bonus!!

Visit an animal sanctuary
Not only are you helping the animals since the entry fees go to providing care to them, BUT you usually get up close and personal with the cuties as well. I love the donkey sanctuary of Canada located in Puslinch! You get to brush the donkeys, and the volunteers are super knowledgeable.

Visit an outdoor antique market
Andrew and I use to drive around in search of the cutest antique markets we could find. It’s so much fun to explore and see what hidden gems might be out there. Our favorite in the area is the Aberfoyle antique market. $2 entry fee, tons of vendors, and they even have vegan ice cream…. Say whattt?!?!

Explore an old city Centre
There is nothing sweeter than walking hand in hand through an old city centre, popping in and out of shops and taking in the old architecture… it gives me serious ‘The Notebook’ vibes! You’d be surprised how many cities close to you have a cute downtown core. Our FAV is Elora… if you go be sure to check out the ‘Mermaid in Elora’ store, it’s packed with the cutest treasures.


Go strawberry picking
A close second to apple picking which you should totally do in the Fall! But for now visit a strawberry field and when your done picking the strawberry’s make a chocolate fondue and feed them to each other…. BOOM! Also feel free to sing strawberry fields forever by The Beatles the whole time you’re there.

Tour a lavender farm
A treat for the eyes and the nose! Make sure to purchase a package of lavender to take home and set out in a bowl. The aroma is extremely calming and will also serve as a reminder of your perfect little day date. We tried Terre Bleu lavender farm last year and loved it, only $20 for entry!

Fly a kite
We did this for the first time when we started dating all those years ago and it was so much fun that now we do it every summer. Running with the kite, seeing how high you can get it…. It awakens a childlike giggle perfect for an evening date. If you’re competitive like us buy two kites and see who can get theirs higher. P.S. You can literally buy kites at the dollar store these days!

If you do any of these dates and LOVE them take a photo and tag me in it on Instagram. I would love to see you and your love in all your cuteness! Happy Summering friends!!

1 thought on “Summer Dates that Won’t Break the Bank”

  1. LOVE this post, Britt! Loving your blog altogether, but I really love cute little date ideas like this! My wife and I truly aspire to take as many aesthetically pleasing, cheesy-smiling pictures as you and your hubby do! Haha!

    Happy Thursday! 🙂
    XO, Alissa

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