The 3 Skincare Tools I Can’t Live Without

Hey babe!!

You are totally gorgeous and all that but if you are looking to step your skincare game up here are the three tools that I can’t live without… like if I could only take three items on a deserted island… CAN’T live without!!

  1. Tinkle razors

My only regret with shaving my face is that I didn’t do it sooner. Honestly the biggest game changer for my skin. Not only does it get rid of the peach fuzz that we all have but it also helps to turn over skin cells faster which aids in anti-aging AND exfoliates the skin. The question I always get.. does the peach fuzz grow back thicker? NO.. this is a total myth. I am Portuguese… I have dark hair and I am living proof that it does not come back thicker. You can shop my favourite and super inexpensive razors here.

  1. Foreo Luna mini

You haven’t washed your face until you’ve washed it with a Luna mini. This small but powerful tool uses a vibration to gently deep clean the skin… it seriously makes your skin GLOW. As a bonus it comes in so many fun colours (mine is hot pink obviously). You can shop the Luna mini here.

  1. Jade roller

Hands down the simplest yet most effective tool I’ve ever used. If you haven’t hopped on the jade roller bandwagon yet now is the time!! It does so many things for your skin – I’ll name a few of my favourite benefits:
Reduces puffiness, and dark under eye circles (Perfect for when you wake up or after a long flight. Keep it in the fridge and allow the coolness to deepen the healing and relaxation)
Helps press your serum into your skin to prevent it from rubbing off onto your pillow or evaporating into think air! (Say whaaaaat?!)
Stimulates collagen production (So, so, so important)
Relaxes and balances your vibrational energy (hello… need I say more?)

Honestly the list goes on and on but you can shop this magic little tool here

6 thoughts on “The 3 Skincare Tools I Can’t Live Without”

  1. Love this! I’ve been thinking about getting a jade roller for days my face is puffy af and I’m finally jumping on it. I can’t get your links to work though! Help pleeeease 🙏🏼

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